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Repair loan

You can use a repair loan to cover the expenses necessary to legalize the building or obtain an occupancy permit!

The repair loan provider is our cooperation partner AS LHV Finance (reg. code 12417231). You can use the repair loan both to pay for the services ordered from us and, if necessary, to pay for construction work performed to eliminate the deficiencies in the building.

The usual terms of a repair loan are as follows:

  • Interest 9.9-15.9% per annum on the loan balance. LHV calculates interest on the loan balance, not on the entire loan amount. This means that interest payments will decrease every month as your loan balance decreases.
  • Reply to request within minutes.
  • Contract fee 1% of the loan amount, at least € 29.90
  • Repayment period 6 months to 6 years. Free early repayment.
  • VIf necessary, you can take a payment holiday, change the day or amount of the monthly payment. The fee for amending the contract is 10 €.
  • Fill out the application here and you will find out what is your maximum repair loan limit that you can use in 90 days. In other words, if during the application for an occupancy permit it becomes clear that improvements are needed, you can also use the loan for this purpose.

Additional information lhv.ee/repairloan

The repair loan is offered by AS LHV Finance. Check the conditions at lhv.ee/repairloan and ask for aAdditional information lhv.ee/repairloandvice from an expert. The monthly installment is € 121.32 and annual percentage rate of charge is 17.63% under the following model conditions: loan amount € 5000, interest on the balance per annum 15.9% (fixed), contract fee € 50, loan repayment period 60 months, payment in monthly annuity payments, the total amount of payments is € 7331.41 and the amount of repayments is € 7331.41.