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During the survey or inventory of the building, we survey according to your wishes, either the whole building or only the interior. Based on the data obtained from the survey, we will prepare as-built drawings or a modification design according to your needs.

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When is it necessary to survey buildings?

  • upon entry of the building in the construction register;
  • before redesigning the building if there are no floor plans;
  • you want to rent, sell, share the premises between the owners, etc., but there are no exact dimensions of the premises;
  • you want to start repair work and calculate the exact quantities of materials before that;
  • when applying for an occupancy permit if the building has been built differently from the design or there was no building design documentation at all.

What do the as-built drawings include?

As-built drawings of a building is a set of documents consisting of architectural and operational drawings measured by surveying a factually constructed building. Generally, as-built drawings include an explanatory note, drawings and technical data. In addition, the necessary explanations are presented in the document.


Location and layout plan, master plan(s) of the building, section and direct and side views of the building.

Explanatory memorandum

Describes the purpose of use of the building, ventilation and heating equipment of the surveyed building, water supply and sewerage, building constructions, room sizes, etc. The explanatory memorandum of the modification design reflects in particular all the differences compared to the original design on which the building permit was based.

What do as-built drawings cost?

The price is formed by several factors – the location, size, shape of the building to be surveyed, the existence of previous plans, etc. In order for us to be able to make you an accurate price offer, please send as much information related to the building as possible with the inquiry, including, if possible, plans and pictures.

A selection of performed surveys:


Renovation of buildings and, if necessary, extension will create a situation where the old and dignified building will be given new life and appearance, energy efficiency will be improved, and technical systems will be modernized.

The design is based on your wishes, the planned function and technology of the building, a valid detailed plan, design conditions issued by the local government and, if necessary, special conditions for heritage protection.

In cooperation, we will find the best solutions for the renovation of your existing building!

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We will prepare architectural projects in the following stages:

Draft project – an initial comprehensive vision of the building and the space program. Presented in either two- or three-dimensional. Necessary for the client and sometimes for the local government or the National Heritage Board to obtain approval to move to the next stage of design. Preliminary design – the basic solution of a building, where the location of the building on the real estate is established, accesses and parking are solved. The space program is specified, the exterior finishing is solved, an overview of the used constructions, the basic solution and location of special parts is given. The preliminary design is coordinated with the required institutions and a building permit can be applied for on the basis of it. The preliminary design submitted for application for a building permit includes:

  • architectural part;
  • building construction part;
  • heating and ventilation part;
  • water supply and sewerage part;
  • water supply and sewerage part;
  • fire safety part;
  • technical data of the building.

Principal design – further development of a preliminary project, which includes technical
information and a description of the quality of the building to the extent that allows to determine the budgeted
construction cost and organize the construction procurement.
Operational design – pecifies the solutions of the principal design and determines the specific
products that will be used in the construction of the building. Based on the organization plan of the work included in
the operational design, product drawings and other construction-related documents, the building can be completed in
its entirety. The source document for the preparation of each subsequent stage of the building design is the previous
stage approved by the contracting authority. We help in communication with the authorities and in coordinating
the design!
As your representative, we will arrange the management of the process related to applying for a
construction notice or permit, obtaining approvals and compiling digital documentation for entry into the construction

What does design cost?

The general practice is that the design cost is 5-10% of the future construction price. Most of the cost of design is
the salary of an architect or engineer, which in turn means that the more time-consuming the work, the more expensive
it becomes. As a customer, you can reduce the cost of design by thinking through your wishes and formulating the terms
of reference as precisely as possible. The existence of basic plans also reduces the time spent. In other respects,
the design cost depends on the size of the building, the location, the scale of the renovation, etc. In order for us
to make a specific price offer for you, please send the wishes as precisely as possible with the price request and, in
the case of an existing building, also plans and photos of it.

Selection of prepared renovation and expansion designs:


In addition to architectural and constructive design, we offer a full-fledged design service with the help of
reliable partners, together with the design management of all special parts, i.e., main design.

As the chief designer, we ensure the timely completion of all design parts and the integrity and compatibility of the
various stages of the design.

Depending on the type and purpose of the building, the construction design may consist of the following special

  • heating and ventilation design;
  • water supply and sewerage design;
  • electrical installations (low and high current installations, automation) design;
  • interior design.

In addition, an energy label and a budget forecast will be prepared if necessary.

Feel free to contact us at the contacts below and we will discuss your expectations, requirements and needs together, and based on this we will prepare the initial design assignment and budget.

Selection of complete design solutions:

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