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Fire safity


The purpose of a fire safety audit of a building is to assess the fire safety of the building. The building must be designed and constructed in such a way that, in the event of a fire:

  • the load-bearing capacity of the structure is maintained for the prescribed time;
  • othe generation and spread of fire and smoke in the building is limited;
  • the spread of fire to neighboring buildings is limited;
  • safe evacuation is ensured; and
  • the safety and operational capabilities of the rescue team have been taken into account.

A fire safety audit of a building is required to obtain an occupancy permit for the building if:

  • there is no building design approved by the Rescue Board;
  • the building has been constructed significantly differently from the coordinated design;
  • there is no documentation certifying the safety of construction and building materials.

We will prepare a fire safety audit for your building and if there are any deficiencies, we will give a reasonable request to eliminate them.


In the permit procedure, in the case of a building for the heating of which solid fuel heating devices are used (e.g., an oven, stove or fireplace), it is necessary to submit the following documents for approval by the Rescue Board:

  • Building design with the approval of the Rescue Board (heating system design);
  • declarations of performance of the heating device or chimney;
  • as-built drawings of the heating system (e.g., chimney construction, fireplace installation, etc.);
  • heating system operation and maintenance manual.

In the absence of the listed implementation documentation, in order to get an overview of the safety of such a heating system, an expert assessment must be prepared, which includes:

  • Inspection of construction, installation and operation documentation and maintenance documentation of the heating system;
  • Heater inspection;
  • Flue inspection;
  • Chimney inspection;
  • Checking the cleanability of the heating system;
  • Survey of heating system bushings and preparation of drawings;
  • During the heating system inspection, it may be necessary to open the structures and perform control heating of the heating system.

You can read more about the fire safety of heating systems in the instruction material prepared by the Rescue Board.

You can order an expert assessment of your heating system from our competent fire safety expert, which confirms its safety or, in case of deficiencies, identifies possible solutions for their elimination.


We offer architects and engineers the preparation of the fire safety part of the building design as a special part of the design. We prepare a comprehensive fire safety concept for each object, which takes into account the specifics of the object and avoids overdimensioning. In doing this work on a daily basis, our fire safety expert is aware of the latest fire safety requirements and best practices. As a result, we can secure savings of time and money for both the architect and the client of the building design.

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Karmo Lillemets

Fire safety expert